Aerosol filter

TREMA aerosol filter

The TREMA aerosol filter is used to separate aerosols and extremely fine solid particles.

The exhaust air enters the filter chamber vertically and flows through the filter mat from top to bottom.

The filter mat is pressed onto a wire mesh belt by the flow of gas, which slides over a grating.

The way in which the solids are separated depends on the nature thereof: Mist with low viscosity flows through the mat with the irregularly layered fibres of the filter medium, agglomerating into bigger droplets, and can then be removed from the flow of gas in an additionally installed droplet separator downstream of the deep-bed fibre filter.

Aerosols or solids, on the other hand, are trapped inside or on the surface of the mat and block it. This increases the pressure loss, whereby a pulse is issued to the geared motor via a measuring device and the filter mat is transported further.