jet scrubber

TREMA jet scrubber

The TREMA jet scrubber are used as a quench and pre-separator for particles and harmful gases. The jet scrubbers compensate for pressure losses by means of the driving effect of the nozzle that is used.

The exhaust air that is being cooled enters the upper area of the jet scrubber. The scrubbing water is sprayed through a jet nozzle sitting in the jet pipe at the top of the scrubber. The effect of the jet scrubber is based on the fact that the water jet is dispersed in droplets after being discharged from the jet nozzle. These distribute themselves evenly over the cross section of the jet pipe, picking up and conveying the ambient air or gases by means of impact and friction. The large surface area of the scrubbing water in combination with the turbulent flow in the mixing section achieve the cooling and scrubbing effect.

The scrubbing water runs downwards into the attached reservoir.

The treated exhaust air exits the scrubber via a droplet separator.