Our wide range of products in the dry and wet separation areas
puts us in a position to work out a made-to-measure and targeted
system solution for almost any application in the field of exhaust air cleaning.

Overview of our services

Basic and detailed engineering

Production of process flow charts as well as planning and manufacturing drawings for devices and complete systems. Working out of system documentation in accordance with customer specifications and the machinery directive.

System construction

Manufacture of system components by local partner companies, including factory acceptance by TREMA, named authorities (TÜV, Dekra) and by the end customer. Organisation of transport of individual components to the construction site.

Installation / Commissioning

Mechanical and electrical installation of individual devices and complete systems. Commissioning of system, including training for personnel.

After-Sales Services

Maintenance of the delivered system, including spare part management.

We would be pleased to give you advice regarding individual devices and existing systems and also for complete solutions, and will provide you with non-binding quotes which are specifically tailored to your application.