TREMA centrifugal scrubber

TREMA centrifugal scrubbers are used for separating solids and also gaseous pollutants.

The exhaust air to be cleaned moves tangentially into the cylindrical scrubber housing in the lower part. If solid particles are present in the entering flow of exhaust gas, some of these are have already been separated by centrifugal force.

Then the gas flows through one or more fixed blade rings. The scrubbing fluid and the gas flow of the centrifugal scrubber are designed such that a turbulent water fluid bed forms on the blade ring. The pollutants / particles that are present in the gas are bound to the scrubbing fluid in these zones.

The gas is powerfully accelerated again in another blade ring in the upper part of the scrubber. The centrifugal force that occurs separates the droplets that are present in the flow of gas.