TREMA Venturi scrubber

TREMA Venturi scrubber are regarded as high-performance separators with separating capability of >99.9 % depending on the particle size.

The exhaust air to be cleaned moves vertically downwards into the Venturi scrubber. The scrubbing fluid is guided through tangentially arranged open pipes and flows over an overflow edge into the convergent part. This is completely rinsed with scrubbing fluid. The gas meets this film of scrubbing fluid directly, i.e. there is no dry/wet transition zone that can lead to incrustations.

At a tear-off edge in the narrowest cross-section, the scrubbing fluid is atomised into very fine droplets by a sudden increase in speed. The high speed of the gas and the inertia of the drops of scrubbing fluid result in a relative speed between these two components. The dust particles that are present are bound to the droplets.

The scrubbed gas exits the Venturi scrubber together with the scrubbing fluid laden with dust particles and harmful gases through the horizontal gas exit port attached in the lower area.

Another device for separating droplets is connected downstream of the Venturi scrubber.