Rotary scrubber

TREMA rotary scrubber

TREMA rotary scrubber are used to separate dust or aerosols. Because of the relatively low pressure loss, the rotary scrubber is also a good choice for retrofitting in existing systems.

The exhaust air to be cleaned moves tangentially into the scrubber housing in the lower part. The bigger particles are already separated here by means of centrifugal force. The scrubbing fluid is sprayed as a mist by the rotary atomizing wheel in the rotary wet scrubber stage. The long retention time of the exhaust gases to be cleaned in the fluid mist ensures high removal efficiency.
Droplets that have been carried along are separated in the droplet separator zone.
The cleaned exhaust air exits the scrubber through a horizontally or vertically arranged clean gas pipe in the upper part. The scrubbing fluid drains into the sump of the rotation wet scrubber, which acts as a circulation tank at the same time.