wet filter

TREMA Wet filter

TREMA Wet filter are used to separate extremely fine particles and aerosols from the exhaust air.

The exhaust gas to be cleaned enters the filter housing axially. It flows through integrated filter elements which are raised on cylindrical support cages. These are pushed into the filter bottom from the clean gas side and wedged in place.

The flow area of the filter elements is continuously sprayed using a nozzle system. The pollutants in the exhaust air are trapped in the filter medium, flushed out and drained via an immersion pipe which is attached to the bottom of the support cages.

Low-viscosity mist flows through the irregularly layered fibres of the filter medium, agglomerate into bigger droplets, and can then be removed from the flow of gas in an additionally installed droplet separator.

The cleaned gas exits the separator via a port in the clean gas chamber.