Spray scrubber

TREMA spray scrubber

TREMA spray scrubbers are particularly used for exhaust air cooling and vapour condensation.

The exhaust air moves axially into the lower part of the spray scrubber and distributes itself over its cross section. It then flows through a finely dispersed water mist, the scrubbing/cooling fluid from bottom to top. This is discharged in two levels through nozzles in the countercurrent. An extremely large spray surface is created through the use of special nozzles. This provides a large specific droplet surface as well as complete distribution of the droplets over the entire cross-section.

An appropriate retention time of the medium that is being treated in the scrubbing zone and the large phase boundary between the exhaust air and the scrubbing fluid provide excellent material and heat transfers.

A demister is installed in the upper part of the scrubber, which prevents droplets that are being carried along from being carried out of the scrubber.